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Top mistakes first time web developers often make.

So you are new to web design and development. You are thinking of creating a web site, well below are the top 15 mistakes created by first time web designers.

Most people who are reading this will probably know these already but it was writting for those who don't know.

  • Using frames

  • Going overboard with high tech "tricks"

  • Under construction signs

  • Misusing Graphics

  • Ransom note fonts

  • Complex backgrounds

  • To many animations

  • Orphan pages

  • No organisation

  • No unique content

  • Too many ideas

  • No authoritativeness

  • Outdated links or information

  • Negative declarations

  • Link problems

To often these mistakes are made, and it some times it cannot be helped. However if we try to keep these in mind we have a better opportunity to create a cleaner and better designed world wide web.

A well designed and developed web site can give you the desired effect that you are looking for. I have personally redevloped many clients web sites that were developed previously in the web page boom when businesses wanted web sites but didn't care what they looked like or how they functioned.

On the flip side you could say that in a few years won't we be saying the same thing about table designs. Well you are write we already are, there is a big movement for web sites to use CSS positioning now for the creation of layouts and there is not doubt that soon after that there will be something new.

So all we can do is develop using the latest technologies that will ensure us the chance to have a web site that will stay current for a little while.

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