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Keep It Clean. Keep it Simple

With the availability of more elaborate programs and features for website building, it seems that many webmasters, particularly those who are relatively new to Online Home Business and Marketing, have decided to concentrate more on how fancy their website looks like rather than what really matters. There seems to be some sort of contest to see how many ‘bells and whistles’ they can fit into the limited space afforded a Home Page, while forgetting that the primary reason for the website’s existence is to earn them income.

Of course, appearance is important. A professionally constructed website with an attractive look, combined with the right level of functionality, will always be an asset to any Online Business but you can go too far in the ‘fancy dress’ department and it would seem that many do.

Occasionally, I visit a couple of Forums, which among other things, also have an area where ‘learner webmasters’ can request a review of their website from the more experienced in the forum membership. I am by no means an expert on website building and I certainly don’t see myself as an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guru either. These are the two main areas of expertise that one would imagine are required for a qualified review and subsequent suggestions on the many aspects that make a professional and successful website.

Regardless, I do have a couple of years of building my own websites, during which I have learnt enough to modestly call myself semi-qualified. So, in that capacity, if I had one piece of advice to give anyone who was building or about to build a website for an Online Business, it would have to be to keep it clean and simple. There is nothing worse than a cluttered looking website and there is nothing that will repel visitors more quickly than a slow loading website. The more ‘fancy gadgets’ and premium images you try to jam on your pages, the more cluttered they will look and the more slowly they will load.

Take a look at a few of the ‘TOP’ Internet based company’s websites like Adobe.com. The largest image on their Home page is 6 Kb. There is no Flash no, ‘bells and whistles’. Even Microsoft.com has one small, unobtrusive ‘flash’ component in the bottom left corner and their largest image is 18 Kb. And believe me, these two would have access to it and could afford it in truckloads.

A couple of people have been surprised to hear recently that 80 percent of private Internet users in the U.S. are still using ‘56kbps dial up modem’ connections (according to research firm Instat-MDR). So, by building a website that is only accessible in a reasonable amount of time to DSL users, you are effectively disqualifying yourself from visits by 80 percent of the people likely to be interested in your product or service. They will not wait. There are too many other websites to choose from.

It is far more important, provided your website looks reasonable and is functional, to devote your energies to keyword rich content, site maps, privacy policies and the other standards that seem to be missing from a lot of websites. The things that the Search Engines like to see and will reward with higher rankings. A ‘crawler’ can’t see fancy flash gizmos or premium quality images over 100 kb each. They can only see the things that make a website worthwhile to people who are looking for specific information and product with a need to navigate their way to what they want.

If you’re not selling or promoting anything and your website is simply a ‘showcase’ of some sort – fine, do whatever you like and make it as fancy and as visually rich as you like. But if you want serious visitors who are genuinely interested in what you’re selling or promoting, start with the basics first and when you have your website working effectively for you, then you can worry about the window dressing, if you must. But I wouldn’t bother.

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